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Coaching in the USA


Jacinto Domingo is one of the Hummingbirds coaches. When we asked him what coaching field hockey in the USA meant to him this was his answer:

“If I was to describe what coaching field hockey camps in the United States means to me I wouldn’t dither. A great opportunity, as simple as that.

Firstly, a great opportunity to develop my skills as a coach. Every player and team I’ve had the chance to work with is different. Addressing their strong and weak points, concerning technique and tactics,  is always challenging yet utterly necessary to help them in the process of becoming better  field hockey players. That constant challenge is what makes me look forward to grow as a coach.

Secondly, a great opportunity to improve my English. It is known that spending time surrounded by natives helps to widen your vocabulary, get more fluent and, even, polish your accent. Therefore, the chance to spend a couple of months, every year, in the US is priceless to me.

Last, but not least. A great opportunity to get better as a player. “How does coaching other players make you a better one?” you might ask. Well, it’s simple. As a player you don’t find yourself in the need of thinking how to flick, push or drive the ball, it comes naturally to you. As a coach, on the other hand, you have to break those techniques down so others can easily understand them. Doing that allows you to rethink about what you usually do and, sometimes, to modify aspects of your own game.

In brief, I’d say that coaching field hockey camps in the US is one of the best experiences I’ve had. It’s always a great adventure, I can’t wait to go back”